Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Back to family

Place holder

Hay Maze and fun in Rupert Idaho

Getting ready for the maze

On top of the WORLD!

The airport crew --- picking up grandma and grandpa from the airport

BYU vs Boise State football game in Boise

Grandma holding little LaRae Carter, born while we were away

Grandma is either overcome with joy, or there's a smelly diaper

Dasch Cobb excited to see his grandparents

Tiffany excited to see her " 'rents "

Al the grandkids conspired to get bigger while we were gone.

Wyatt Carter and Presley Opheikens hold up their signs

Kellan Chamberlain is not amused by anything except his bottle

Picnic in the park after the airport

Charles and Emily Chamberlain make a rare appearance in the western states. They flew in from New Jersey with Khalessi and Kellan to surprise the grandparents. Looks like a photo-bomber is set to surprise them!

Tom Carter with newly blessed LaRae Faith Carter

Chris and Tiffany Opheikens with Griffin and Presley came up from Ogden to Rupert, Idaho for baby blessing and reunion with Tiffany's 'rents.

A grundle of grandchildren. This is 10 of our 14. Missing is DJ Bancroft (NJ), Micah Chamberlain (FL) Juliana Chamberlain (GA) and Joaquin Chamberlain (GA)

The two babies of the family, Jeremy and Charles. These two young men have become outstanding fathers. 

Coming Home (Salt Lake airport)

Goodbye to Hong Kong

The morning of October 15, 2016 we had breakfast courtesy of Diana Leung, in our apartment's "Cafe D," boarded a taxi with our 5 large bags, and made our way to the airport. Diana accompanied us, and was her usual fun self, trying to make sure she could see us as we made our way through the security line, and even after entering the security area, we noticed she was still trying to catch a glimpse of us as we gradually disappeared from view. It was a sad day but we were reminded of just how much we are loved.

Our Pen 2 branch held a BBQ at Shing Mun Reservoir. It was our last activity with these wonderful sisters. We all struggled to keep the monkeys from stealing our food. 

Not shown--about 200 monkeys in the trees waiting for us to be slightly inattentive to our food. 

Elder Ted Yan and his wife Audrey started their mission a couple of weeks before we left. We wished we could have stayed longer to be with them a bit more. They are an awesome couple. Both Elder Yan and Elder Chamberlain served at the same time in Hong Kong as young men. 

Sister Liezl Pedroso, preparing food. She is a fairly new convert to the church, and a very impressive young woman. 

Sister Rona Lisa Nuevas, our Relief Society president. Such a fun person!

Group picture of Pen 2 branch attending our BBQ activity

Here we are with the contingent of sisters from Madagascar. Honey, Olivia and Stephanie brightened our stay and our service in Hong Kong. What amazing people!

A final goodbye to a magazine vendor--Mrs. Ho--who faithfully sold newspapers and magazines next to the office building in Wanchai. She was always there, rain or shine, except when she had some surgery. We were glad when she returned to work, as we thought she might have met with an accident or something. 

Two amazing young Elders in Hong Kong. Elder Tung was constantly using our blue Christmas bags to help introduce the church to people he met. He was a great example of someone with the missionary spirit. 

Sister Chamberlain with our dear sweet "Lynn." She waited on us every time we ate at "Dumpling Pro" and we exchanged gifts at Christmas and Chinese New Years. She loved seeing us come in, and we loved seeing her. We shared a Book of Mormon, and we hope she reads it! 

What's better than a Mexican meal the night before departing Hong Kong. This dinner happened a short ferry ride away in Discovery Bay. We were surrounded by life-long friends--the Roberts, the Ortons, the Chandlers, the Yans, and the Becksteads. 

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The last breakfast. Here we are just minutes before departing. 

Lots of help with our luggage

These smiles turned to tears a moment later as we got into our taxi

What a great group of guys . . Elder Kim Orton, Elder Craig Norman, Elder Ken Roberts, and me. I'll never forget these people and our experiences with them.

We managed to squeeze all of our luggage into one taxi, and to our surprise found that we had accidentally included one small Chinese woman. Oh well, I guess we'll take her  to America with us. 

a week or so before our departure . . with The Bodilys, Chans and Chans at Fernandos in Macau. Great memories. 

Breakfast with Charlie and Fanny Chan (former HK missionaries that served with me) who are now serving a mission together in the Hong Kong temple. This is at the Venetian in Macau. 

The Macau crew--this time including the Hathaways, who were hiding for other pictures. 

A woman who sings in the subway enjoyed Laraine's fun personality. 

An RM reunion in Hong Kong was a great opportunity to connect with people who have served, and those who are currently serving in Hong Kong. 

Serving together for the second time in 40+ years: Elder Craig and Tussy Norman, Elder Charles and Laraine Chamberlain, Elder Ted and Audrey Yan, Elder Charles and Fanny Chan. 

A Sisterly Visit from the States

Prior to leaving Hong Kong, Laraine's sisters, Lois Anderson and Lorene Robison, came to Hong Kong. They had a fantastic time, though probably over-did it just a bit.

Two complete strangers that we met on a hiking trip to Luk Keng Chan Uk --- abandoned homes. These two are some of the remaining residents. They had just completed creation of a lovely porch area and offered a place to stop and rest ourselves on our journey. They were very friendly. 

More hiking around the abandoned village of Luk Keng Chan Uk

Talking to an older resident, of the Chan clan

Lois with Mrs. Chan -- she graciously allowed us to capture her picture

No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a visit to Tai O Village and our dear friend, Diana.

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Stilt homes in Tai O Village

From outside Diana's front door. She let us see her stilt home.

Big Buddha and Laraine's Sisters

Big Buddha in the distance. This picture was just outside the gondola station. After this picture, we got on the gondola for a picturesque ride back to Tung Chung and the MTR station.