Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Back to family

Place holder

Hay Maze and fun in Rupert Idaho

Getting ready for the maze

On top of the WORLD!

The airport crew --- picking up grandma and grandpa from the airport

BYU vs Boise State football game in Boise

Grandma holding little LaRae Carter, born while we were away

Grandma is either overcome with joy, or there's a smelly diaper

Dasch Cobb excited to see his grandparents

Tiffany excited to see her " 'rents "

Al the grandkids conspired to get bigger while we were gone.

Wyatt Carter and Presley Opheikens hold up their signs

Kellan Chamberlain is not amused by anything except his bottle

Picnic in the park after the airport

Charles and Emily Chamberlain make a rare appearance in the western states. They flew in from New Jersey with Khalessi and Kellan to surprise the grandparents. Looks like a photo-bomber is set to surprise them!

Tom Carter with newly blessed LaRae Faith Carter

Chris and Tiffany Opheikens with Griffin and Presley came up from Ogden to Rupert, Idaho for baby blessing and reunion with Tiffany's 'rents.

A grundle of grandchildren. This is 10 of our 14. Missing is DJ Bancroft (NJ), Micah Chamberlain (FL) Juliana Chamberlain (GA) and Joaquin Chamberlain (GA)

The two babies of the family, Jeremy and Charles. These two young men have become outstanding fathers. 

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